22 June, 2012

22 June 2012

I don't have a chapter ready for today, but ought to have them on both weekend days.

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience!


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2012

    We are busy having the Second Autumn, of our Summer, I sure am Glad for Global Warming, or we could just about have a full on Blizzard in July!!!

    Got two Subaru Forester loads from my Springfield Storage this week: machine tools, a 7X14 Lathe, a Drill Press, my hand made fifty pound Router table framed with White Oak... and a Cricket 22 LR Rifle for my Grandson, an unfinished Violin that I hope to acclimate to here, and start the final work of assembly upon... and of course Miscellaneous stuff!

    Life is, ~is~ interesting!


  2. Philip, sounds like you're really getting settled there, moving your shop into place piece by piece, and that's great!

    Interesting weather it sounds like you're having--wish you could send some of it down this way! It's windy, dry and well over 90 degrees today--fire weather, and I don't like it at all. We haven't had a good rain in almost two months.

  3. Anonymous23 June, 2012

    Chris, A week ago, I was in Sweat Mode, hot not as ~blazes~ but maybe like a small teepee fire ;-)

    Today, Long Sleeve Shirt, and almost a full on ~chill~ an Oregon Chill mind you, not some 12,000 foot Glacier ~chill~ if you follow the drift....

    I mean we should have Red Tomatoes on the vine by now, or soon any way, and... they are not even PLANTED most places!!!!


    But I am always thank full for Mr. Gore, without Al, I be Freezing now, right???

    hey, the plot line right now: Liz says "Travel", GO, I won't stop you.... ~ouch~ that lady has got to be hurting!

    IT Takes a strong willed Spouse to ~let go~ I mean... we are talking Einar here, the dude is only Sinew holding a few shreds of muscle that is left, sort of Skin hanging on a ~bone~ hanger as I picture it....

    I sure hope the guy lights a fire down there....