18 June, 2012

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Anonymous said…
Welcome Home, Chris...
FOTH Wrote:
FreedomoftheHills08 June, 2012
Yes, that was the way I understood it, and no, I can't imagine how one would be expected to remember! Especially since I'm sure to you, it was just one ordinary word amongst many, in your sentence.
You described it so much better than I could ~ever~ reply to her requests... Maybe that is why she broke our engagement, to marry her Therapist! 
Now there is a quandary, who is sicker than whom? But I seldom think of it anymore, I just know... I gave all, for naught... and happily receive those benefits!

Life is quite a mystery sometimes, people even more of one.  Sounds like a rough time.

I had hopes to add to the energizer side story, however, I instead traveled north to PortLandia, where Grand Daughter Graduated at the same time Mother/Daughter was giving her Master's Dissertation...
and those issues produced some late night awake times... as is the case now, upon my return.
MOST of my life ~in~ RVN was ~night work~ and interestingly, as I became civilized again ~hee hee~ I kept jobs ~best~ that I worked nights on... in fact, if Richard was not in my Guest Bedroom, right now, I would walk into my Wood Shop and Create as Creative juices lead me... a zillion items need to be made, even such things as a Modem Mast, to lift it into the air, for better reception!

Philip ("civilized"--ha!) it sounds like you simply need to master the art of *stealth wood shop work,* so you can do what you need to do at any hour and without giving a hint of your activities to anyone else who might be in the house!  Takes 5 times longer than the regular, non-noise discipline kind, but you've got all night anyway, right?   :)

FrRichard said…
Welcome back, glad you are writing again, though, I understand the calling...... God Bless.

Thank you, FrRichard, and thanks for reading.

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