08 July, 2012

Comments from 30 June

Apple, Kellie and Steel Butterfly--thanks for reading, for your patience and for your well-wishes for good travels.  Back to regular chapters now, at least for a while...

Philip...as difficult as it is for me to come down from the mountains after being away for a while and back to this world which, while still rural, is a bit noisier and not so solitary...it was quite a blessing for me to discover your Saga of Einar and the Energizer Bunny.  Had me laughing pretty hard there, for a while!  :)

You're a good writer, by the way.  Ought to start your own story.

Thanks again!

Finally had rain here, at least in the area where I was spending the week...nearly an entire summer's rain, over the course of four days...that was wet!  But it's such a blessing to finally be getting some rain!

Here's the scene one night, with the storm just beginning to break up, and the rain ending...

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