09 January, 2012

Comments from 8 January

Nancy1340 said...
Glad the storm is over. Makes it easier for Bud and Sue to come callin'.


But easier for search aircraft to fly over, too…

RememberGoliad said...
Einar's spells.... dehydration? He doesn't have much of a reserve of anything, and while we hear of his always making stuff for Liz, never hear of any liquids going into HIS body except for a quick sip here and there, and never of plain H-two-Oh. That's gonna thicken his blood up considerably, and if he's having a series of "mini-strokes" he could be in REAL trouble.

Seems he's always urging Liz to do what he really should do for himself, too. Damn shame if his knowledge, coupled with his love for her and Will, returns her to health and vitality but through neglect of himself and his own needs, he loses the fight to something simple as thirst.

Bud REALLY does need to show up PDQ. Einar is doing such a good job providing for Liz, so Susan will be around more for moral support, and Einar NEEDS someone. He knows what he wants, and needs to hear from someone he respects how to go about doing it, and that it's okay to use some of what he provides for Liz, so long as he uses his time to go get more :)

Thanks for the story, FOTH!

Thanks for reading!

Yes, Einar probably could benefit from Kilgore coming and pounding some sense into him about now, and Kilgore may be the only man alive who can communicate with him on that level. Seems to be about the only thing that helps, at times.

Einar may be somewhat dehydrated, but does try to remember to drink water on a pretty regular basis. He’s probably dealing with a number of different deficiencies at the moment due to his general state of depletion which could be affecting his situation, low sodium, magnesium, potassium, blood glucose--pretty difficult to sort out at this point, even if he was making an effort to do so…

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