04 January, 2012

Comments from 3 January

Kellie said...
I think Einar has forgotten to eat again.....

He tends to get into that habit pretty easily.

Nancy1340 said...
No, it's just him remembering something that he wants...needs to put behind him. It's his thinking he failed another mother & child so many years ago. JMHOPYMMV

Yeah, something very much like that, I think. Things he really doesn’t want to remember, doesn’t consciously try to remember most of the time, but then there they are right in front of him and cannot be avoided.

Meplat said:

He really needs to talk to Liz about his ghosts and demons.

Right now? She just had a baby. I could be wrong, but doubt any woman who has just given birth wants to think or hear about another baby who didn’t make it past her first year, died a terrible death and how her husband can’t look at their own newborn child without that incident endlessly replaying itself in his head.

Not the most cheerful subject…

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