18 January, 2012

Comments from 17 January

Glad to see that the Kilgore's have made a safe arrival. Perhaps Einar will take a load off for a day or two once he's convinced that invasions not imminent. At this point, Einar is so malnourished that he will have permanent deficiencies in his muscles and skeletal system. His body is robbing his bones of the things it needs to survive. With no change, I can't see how he can make it much longer.

Yes, Einar’s body is by this point seeking energy and vital minerals wherever those things can be found, and that does have consequences.

An interesting note, since you mentioned this--studies have shown that the bone marrow of individuals who have been subjected to prolonged starvation stores nearly twice the amount of fat as those who are eating normally. This extra fat is thought to provide the body a small reserve of available energy that it wouldn’t otherwise have, but at the same time reduces the bone-forming capacity of the marrow, and causes loss of bone mass.

Philip said…

philip here again!

Gee do we ~really~ understand HOW much writing Chris does for us?????

I downloaded to print (no other option in public library) Jan 1 to my last post: 37 pages @ font size 11, the smallest I can read easily. from then to today: 16.5 pages, Thank you my Brother in Christ, for your awesome efforts, this one misses the nightly read

Hello Philip! Good to hear from you again. Hate for you to have to print all of that out. If you can email me a physical address where you can receive mail, I’d be glad to print the story out and mail it to you once each week, if that would be helpful.

Sixfifty said…

Well, they survived the greeting! I'm starting to think that Einar has suffered irreversible brain damage from his self-inflicted starvation and malnutrition, He is routinely making choices that, if he were in his 'right mind', he would never make; decisions that are counter to survival. He is a consummate survivor with a head full of skills and knowledge but he is using none but the most primitive....and that is NOT a sign of a healthy mind. It is time for Einar to get some help (and accept it!). Of course it isn't MY story, is it?

He doesn’t really need help--he’s got everything he needs, right there. Just needs to decide to take advantage of it. But yes, I’m sure you’re right that his brain isn’t functioning at full capacity right now, and on the brief occasions when he realizes this, it greatly distresses him.

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