20 January, 2012

Comments from 19 January

Sixfifty said…
Oh goodie, nice solid cookware and warm clothes for everybody. And uh-oh! Einar is about to face Susan with nobody to protect him :O. That lady seems so soft and sweet but I get the impression that she has a backbone of solid steel and no 'back up' in her. I'm sure she will lay out some hard facts for Einar and hopefully get him to start getting it together.
I can't say thanks enough for all the effort you put into these stories FOTH.

Thanks for reading! Yep, Einar may find himself unable to escape the things Susan has to tell him.

Russell H Whyte said…
I get the feeling that Susan doesn't need a rabbit stick - she's got more than enough experience knocking a clue into a stubborn male's head!

She certainly knows how to handle herself in difficult situations and with difficult people, yes. Good thing, since she’s now married to Bud Kilgore…

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