24 January, 2012

Comments from 23 January

Philip said…


Thank you for your E-Mail Offer, I have caught up, using my new for 2012, note book, paid with my returned deposit from the Mobile Home park, since I thought they were going to stiff me, I was happy to use the $$$$, I will get the old one cleaned out, and send it in for repair!

The story line is fantastic, I am just loving the five of them being together!

Glad you’ve got a computer now that’s working. Good to hear from you, as always!

Nancy1340 said…
I like the direction this story is headed in now.


Not sure what direction that is, but glad you like it. : )

AlaskaSue said…
Wow ~ Einar's own strength of will, determination, and force of personality have conspired against him to bring him to this state and YET he continues. Wonder if Kilgore didn't deliver a worse blow that all those hard knocks he'd given him before. The guy needs a break, yet will not allow himself one. Oh, that lovely supper would have been so good for him too but guess he wasn't quite up to it.
Agree with Philip and Nancy, great place you're taking the story! Thank you! And really glad you got more snow - ours is too deep to see over the road medians now, but what gorgeous views of an alpenglow-lit Mt McKinley we have!

Sure sounds beautiful there right now! We did get some snow, but still not enough. I wonder if you’re going to be seeing increased auroras with this ongoing solar storm over the next few days?

Yep, Einar isn’t any good at quitting, once he’s got his mind set on something. Kilgore’s words really got to him, though.

Sixfifty said…
I think the light bulb is starting to burn dimly over Einar's head! He is starting to see the reality of his situation and he is NOT liking the conclusions he is reaching about his physical condition. Finally. I've got my fingers crossed that he will set his feet onto the path of healing himse;f- both spiritually and physically.

A dim bulb, is it? :) Maybe that's been the trouble, all along!

Yes, I guess his starting down that path would probably be a good thing.

Thanks for reading!

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