02 January, 2012

Comments from 1 January

Nancy1340 said...
Glad little Will and Liz are OK. Now get Susan in there.

In due time, perhaps... Though it still isn’t going to be easy for Einar to welcome visitors, up there! Perhaps especially now.

colspt said...
Einar did good. You've got a lot of knowledge FOTH. Thanks for the new chapter and Happy New Year to you.

Glad you’re finding the story useful. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year !

Meplat said:

Willkommen Will Asmundson. I doubt Bud and Susan will show up during the storm.

Not by air, most likely!

deadhawg said...
Happy New Year to all.
First time posting here, though I have been following Einar's story for qute a while.
Heard a song last night, might seem from an unlikely source, but I think the lyrics might strike a chord with some here.

Mountain Town…

Deadhawg, I really like the lyrics to that song! Fits very much with Einar and his life up in the hills. Thanks! And thanks for reading, too.

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