14 January, 2012

Comments from 12-13 Jan

Meplat said...

Bad business this. Two very good warriors stalking one another. Someone is going to get hurt.

Most likely…

Anonymous said…

Odd thought here... it seems like Bud and Susan could leave some "tells" in their tracks. Pictures occasionally drawn in the snow by their tracks, or some such thing. Einar would still still be angry about their showing up, of course, but it might de-fuse him a bit when (if?) he realizes one of the party is Susan. (?)
Bud's gonna have some explaining to do. heh

Keep up the good work bro,

Yep, it would probably help a lot if they could do something like that--except that there’s a possibility that E. would simply think someone was trying to trick him, making him that much more dangerous.

steel butterfly said…

Bud has the advantage (quite apart from his health v.s Einar's) - He knows how Einar will react. Einar on the other hand has no idea who has invaded his domain, so cannot anticipate his opponants moves.

Einar will expect it is the enemy, and react accordingly. Because Bud knows this, he does have some advantage. But Einar still knows the area far better than Kilgore, which is to his advantage.

Philip said…

I am back!

Going to try downloading from 12 31 2011 to present...

Thank you for your assistance, and Prayers


Philip! Welcome back! Hope things are getting sorted out for you. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do, or if you have trouble downloading the posts, and I'll email them to you.


Nancy1340 said…

You're just about to become Number 1 on my list.
I do not have to tell you which list that is......do I ? LOL

Oh, you mean the list of folks to whom you send cookies and jam and gallon buckets of Nutella on a regular basis? Why, how nice!

(It’s seldom any good to be number 1 on someone’s list, I’ve found…guess I’d better be watching out!)

Apple said…
He he I was waiting for that :-))

What, for the threats to begin being made? :D

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