29 January, 2012

Comments from 27-28 January

Meplat said:

I sure hope Bud and Susan can stay long enough to coax Einar far enough from the abyss that he can keep making progress on his own. Liz and Susan are both trying hard but Bud is the only one who has been to see the varmint that Einar is fighting.

Bud has indeed been to see the varmint, and I guess in his own way must have come to terms with it, over the years. Don’t know if that means he can help Einar do the same--everyone's experience is different--but at least he has some idea of when to get after him with an aspen club, and when to simply stay out of his way.

Apple said…
Lovely picture ty
if I squint that is the cabin covered in snow the

Yes, it really almost could be!

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