31 October, 2011

Comments from 29 October

yay! both back where they belong!

It’s good to be home…

colspt said...
Whew, close call. Now Einar eat some dinner and when you finish eat dinner again.

Two dinners! I bet Liz would like him to do that, but doubt Einar can stay awake so long.

Philip said...
The FOUR of them, where they belong, ~home~, let us not forget Muninn.... Isn't he part of the family by now????

Miss Cleo says MeeeeOwwwwww!.... but then I really may have written it wrong.

Whatever you do, never, ever misquote a cat! Might get her angry with you. :D

Yep, Muninn seems to be there to stay, and he certainly sees himself as part of the family.

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks FOTH.

Thanks for reading!

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