21 October, 2011

Comments from 20 October

Kellie said...
Hopefully Kilgore won't "make him listen" like he did before! Einar cannot afford to get any worse off.

maybe if Einar would actually just listen (and that means also act on) to what Kilgore says verbally, no physical action will be required.

Yay! for the wedding!

Yes, Einar could probably do without another “talking” session with Bud Kilgore just now, if it can be avoided! Though really, he would probably prefer that to the talk Kilgore’s likely to give him…

colspt said...
Einar should know by now that he can trust Kilgore. I hope he at least takes some food and water and whatever meds Kilgore has.

I think Einar trusts him more than he does any living human other than Liz. But he still has to be cautious.

Nancy1340 said...
Thanks FOTH

Thanks for reading!

I'm heading out again for the weekend, should be back Monday with a new chapter.

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