30 October, 2011

30 October 2011

No chapter tonight, just got home a bit ago from a trip to the city to pick up some supplies, not as good as wandering in the hills but necessary every once in a while...I'll have another chapter tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahhh, yes. the trip to ~the City~, I remember such trips!

    An all day affair, 7 the children knew to be good, because the City had a dairy Queen!

    When we scouted out for our property, we asked:

    any theaters? no, good.
    any fast food places? no, good.
    any chain type stores? no, good.

    we will move there!

    Oh yes, to tell with hind sight, it was a poorly designed set of questions, but naivete is only conquered with maturity! (sometimes, not)!

    we did not ask about the 1% MC club, that owned several hundred acres, so that those "on the run" could hide there...

    and other things. won't talk about them, the brightest of areas still can have sick blackness near by...

    but our Trips to ~the City~ memorable. and a once in a while DQ ice cream cone tastes much better, when you must travel 50+ miles for it....

    philip's memories

  2. 7 was really ~&~


  3. I agree--the further out, the better! Handy to be able to go there now and then while it's possible, but I sure wouldn't want it to be any closer than the hour and a half drive it currently is, for me.