18 October, 2011

Comments from 17 October

Nancy1340 said...

Anyway thanks FOTH. I'm betting Bud will manage to leave some helpful goodies for E to find and take back to his and Liz's.
Hope so!
Philip said...
Hey, glad your back Chris, was the Out Back cold?

I solved my RV's heat issue, with a small $25 heater.

Now, If Miss Cleo can be trained to turn it off, at Oh Dark Thirty, things will be great!


Now that would really be something, if you could train the cat to turn off the heater…better be careful though, because if she’s ever mad at you for some reason (not enough tuna in her diet, etc, etc, cats can be vengeful, scheming creatures…) she might turn it up one night, instead, and roast you in your sleep!

Glad you solved your heat problem in the RV.

Yep, it was cold up there in the high country, just the way I like it. : )

RememberGoliad said...
Nancy, I took your comment to mean that Bud knows E is in the area...sorry if i misunderstood you ;) All I was saying was not only in area but I think Bud knows Einar is laying there a dozen or so feet away!

Yep, I read it that way.

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  1. RememberGoliad, Yeah that's what I meant. The "You've got to be kidding" threw me. LOL To me it looked like you thought I didn't think Bud knew E was near.