26 October, 2011

Comments from 25 October

he knew the tracker had been right about his chances of leaving Liz and the baby sometime during the cold, snowy months--not through any direct choice of his own,

yes it WAS by HIS direct choices!!! Oh Einar, you really are not quite right mentally!

Are any of us…?

Taking a chance is not the same as making a direct choice to leave them, as far as Einar is concerned.

But he might be wrong.

Kellie said...
Thank you for the story!! you know you must be a great writer when your readers yell at your characters and forget they are not -real. or are they....?????

Fiction, it’s all fiction… :D

Nancy1340 said...
Not real??? Not from my point of view young lady !! LOL

Thanks FOTH

Thanks for reading!

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