28 October, 2011

Comments from 27 October

Kellie said...

NNNOOOOOOO Liz!!! stay put! please!!!

although I would have been out there that first day, lol!

I wish I could see a picture of the parkas

Nancy1340 said...
My thought exactly Kellie. LOL

I think FOTH posted a photo of one of the parkas a couple of years ago at the tree-rat tree.

I did post pictures of coats similar to what Einar has made Liz for carrying the baby, only these (Inuit amauti) on the other forum when Einar and Liz first started talking about making one. Here are a couple of images:

A modern version:

And here’s a short video of the coat in use with an older baby/toddler:

Meplat said:

Stay put Liz! You don’t need to have a preemie at 10,000+ feet! Think about it. If he got himself into a jam it was probably because he would not take care of himself. In his condition a broken leg or any mishap that left him immobile for an extended length of time in those conditions would be fatal anyway. The best thing you can do for him right now is to make sure his child and his name lives on. It is what he would want you to do.

You have enough food fat and furs to get you through the winter. Hole up and have Einar’s baby. If it’s a normal delivery you can handle it yourself, women have been doing it for 400,000 years. If there are problems the likelihood that Einar could make a big difference are low.

Have the baby and ride out the winter. After the wet muddy spring is over take the little one down to Susan’s place and let Kilgor do what he is good at. Raise your child a thousand miles away and tell him/her what a great man there father was. And best of all, let the feds knock themselves out for the next ten years chasing a ghost!

Yes, Liz can almost certainly handle the delivery by herself if needed, as long as nothing goes badly wrong--if there’s an excessive amount of blood loss, it might be helpful to have another person there to help out--and it would be wisest for her to stay put I think, but hey--it sounds like you’ve given up on Einar making it home, and it may be a bit too early to do that…

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