25 October, 2011

Comments from 24 October

Nancy1340 said...
Anorexia is not about appearances as much as control over ones body.
His soaking in cold water, limiting his food, pushing his body to/over the limit, withholding sleep, traveling miles and miles without resting. Doing any of these things is good but with limits.

I see your point, but guess Einar just doesn’t know how to do a thing--anything--halfway.

colspt said...
With anorexia it gets to the point where it doesn't really matter what the persons motivations are,none of them make sense anyway. As they strave their body and brain more and more the less rational they become.

Einar wouldn't take the trail mix from Kilgore because he can't rationally think anymore. Maybe there is a fine line between living on the edge and paranoia.

He wouldn’t take the food because Kilgore had just given something to those searchers to make them sleep very soundly for quite a long time, and he didn’t want to risk having the same happen to him! At least, that’s how he was seeing it.

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