29 October, 2011

Comments from 28 October

Kellie said...
almost only counts in horseshoes! keep going Einar! before Liz leaves! and for Liz and the baby's sake, eat and drink!

Yep, he’d better not stop until he gets there…

Meplat said:

No. Not at all. One who has read this whole saga would be nuts to give up on EA! The subtitle could be 10,000 ways to try to kill yourself and fail! Einar is one tough old boot. He will pull through.

I was just trying to present the logical case that Liz should think through before heading out in her condition on an ill conceived rescue mission. It could end with all three of them dead. But I know it is very hard to go by cold hard logic sometimes. Been there, done that. Sometimes it comes down to this being the hill you are willing to die on. But expectant mothers have a heavier responsibility than the rest of us in this regard.

I know that we often regard females as overly emotional and rattled brained in certain circumstances. Hence the term ‘histrionics’. But a factual examination of the real world will reveal that women are very pragmatic when it comes to the survival and well being of their offspring.

Liz is a very practical and straight-thinking person, and yes, I agree that she has to give first priority right now to the little life that is entirely dependant on her. Einar can take care of himself.

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