09 December, 2012

9 December 2012

No chapter for today, but I will be back with another tomorrow.

Philip, thanks for the things you said yesterday--much appreciated, and understood--and yes, I will indeed keep writing, because the story's not done yet, and with some things...stories, life and such...you just don't quit until you get to the end.  :)

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

We finally got a bit of snow up here, terribly late and still not a "normal" amount for this time of year, but certainly better than nothing!


  1. Anonymous:

    If it is painful and frustrating for you, and it seems to go on forever; think how it is for Einar. And Einar does exist. A lot of him. Some of us lived through those years and came out in fair shape, others not so much. If you lived through, and have no sympathy or desire to further understand Einar, you have no right to criticize. If you did not, you have no standing.


  2. Right ON, Mike! I usually dislike the bumper sticker that comments: "if you weren't there shut up" being as I believe in the right to speak... but in Anon's case... he could zip it.. and not make a non productive criticism, I think THAT was the hard part for me, I have seen Chris take constructive critical replies... but that barf of Anon's had no helpful issues, it was just barf.....

    Chris! First SNOW!!!!! great, ~I thought it always snowed in Colorado~ that is what happens in Oregon, with RAIN!


  3. Mike,thank you for those words!

    Philip--thank you, too. :) Everybody's got the right to speak, of course--even on this blog--and I do welcome criticism, but would prefer it to have a bit more substance, if folks are to give it...\

    As for snow--well, it's *supposed* to snow all the time here in Colorado, even in July, sometimes, which I have seen happen up high...but we seem to be entering year 2 of a nasty drought right now, so this snow is quite a big deal!