20 December, 2012

20 December 2012

While I hate to miss posting two days in a row, it seems that my writing ability has entirely abandoned me for the moment, and anything I'd written last night wouldn't have been worth reading.  Will post a chapter later tonight if I can remedy this, otherwise it will have to be tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience.


  1. while you seldom have ~writers block~, it is an unfortunate aspect of writers.... fret not, unless its on a Mandolin, Banjo, prefered 5 String, but 4 string will be acceptable... 6 String Guitar, or 12 String, but recall what Arlo Guthrie posed to a recent Audiance, when he changed from one to the other: "they said, 'Arlo, just what is the difference between a Six String and a Twelve String Guitar, anyway'? Tghis audiance is quick" he said, responding to the laughter....

    I have just one other point to make, a question, really, "have YOU made up your mind about Ambiguity yet"?


  2. It happens, forget about it and don’t pressurize yourself.


  3. bu ..bu Mike, we all pressurize, de-pressurize many times an hour!

    I don't want Chris to hold his breath!!!!

    Chris, it is just like Flying (breathing) You take off, into the air.

    Then you land.

    1 up, 1 down. One must never take off.... and not land, this is completely incorrect flying practice!

    And breathing, its the same, In..... out.....in ..... out.... in....out... follow that pattern and you will always wake feeling fine!


  4. Though I enjoy reading the story and miss it when not available, as one of God's created, we all need down time. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas to you also, FrRichard!

    Thanks guys for your understanding--it wasn't writer's block exactly, but I got through it and here's another chapter.

    Thanks for reading!