04 December, 2012

04 December 2012

Sorry folks, taking me a while to get this next chapter put together--not something about which I write readily or easily.

It will be ready tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, and for your patience!


  1. Thank you. I look forward to the next chapter.

  2. Chris, ~If~ it is of any conciliation for you, That was a great Chapter. And equally hard, for me at least, to read.

    You sir, are truly, a Professional Writer! You know I say that, as the ~equivalent~ opposite, the ~professional~ 'reader'.

    Writers, May, or may not write, for an "outside" audience, in this case, you yourself have responded on the topic.

    But we readers, ~need~ the writer, for without said ~producer of word art~ what would we do?

    I can only imagine, the cost to you of writing this.

    Take your time, good friend, and know that we await your schedule of crafting the next chapter....

    In other news tonight, it has been 24 Plus hours now, that this ~one~ has had the knowledge, provided by a competent Ophthalmologist, that I have cataracts growing in both eyes, "still very small" but evidence Non-Changeable.

    And I am reminded of my Neighbor, from early 1993,4,5..... who though could see enough to miss the tree in his path, could no longer read, but very large print. Fred, was one of the TWO men, who developed the 17 caliber, necked down 22 Winchester Magnum.

    He would walk to my door ( !!!! ) ask of me ~a moment of your time, please...~ we would walk to his shop... and he would request that "certain" sized tap.... for he knew they had been mis-placed, by his well meaning but clumsy son., He machined by feel, by memory, of using the same lathe for decades, by SOUND, of the cutting bit, biting the kind of metal, knowing he was producing chips that removed just .0035 thousandth of an inch. Knowing that his turning of ~that handle~ caused .750'' to be removed along said metal.

    A man who did, Legally Blind, what most would think impossible, ''with sight''.

    And I am given Peace, knowing, I will adapt, as needed.

    Yours in the fellowship of Christ,


  3. Anonymous--thanks!

    Philip--I'll be praying for you about the eye situation. Look for an email from me, later tonight.

    What an honor to be able to help your neighbor Fred in the way you did, though I'm sure it was difficult for him to ask. Doing all that machine work by feel--like Beethoven with his music...

    Glad the last chapter was alright--I appreciate hearing that.