05 August, 2012

Comments from 3-4 Aug.

Anonymous said…
Thanks FOTH:
Snow survey. Liz and Einar need an AM / FM receiver to help stay in touch with what is going on in the outside world.
Exciting chapter. Einar needs to be a bit more communicative in situations like this. He needs to let Liz know what he is thinking.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a way to keep up with what’s going on in the outside world, even if they wouldn’t get the whole story that way.  And yes, guess it would be good for Einar to learn to communicate a bit more freely, also…

Philip said…
Good golly, then they would need a Short Wave, to adjust the NEWS to the Truth, and.... And... And...
Better off without them fancy contraption's! 
Einar could make Liz a ~weather rock~ if a she needed one.
But I bet she would like an old "White" treadle sewing machine!!!!
That child will need a faster means of making clothes in just a short time!

Yes, a sewing machine would come in pretty handy--but I guess Liz will have to do it the way various tribal mothers did it for centuries, buckskin sewn with sinew.  She can probably recruit Einar to help with some of it, though.

Apple said... 
Beautiful you are a lucky guy.Thanks for the story so far

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said…
Your photos make me feel like I can breath again... took my child on a walk-about hunting for dinosaur trackways between Fruita and Moab a couple years back... your photos make me think we should go back and do it again sooner rather than later.
Thanks, Lake Lili

Glad the photos did you some good.  : )  Yep, it’s a beautiful area and sure is a good quiet place to spend some time.  My area is somewhat higher up in the mountains that where you were exploring, but both have their own sort of beauty.

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