11 August, 2012

11 August 2012

Well, I'm taking off for the high country for a week or so.  Hope everyone has a good weekend, and a good week also. Will be back with more chapters next Sunday.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. Liz looked over at Einar's latest batch of trappings...

    One looked odd.

    And, now that she was looking closer, it even ~sounded~ ODD.

    Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang....

    Yes, indeed, Einar had finally captured the dreaded Energizer Bunny.

    Though it had worn a Ghillie Suit, to disguise itself, borrowing some Hare from a bunny what was thumped in the head with a Drum Stick....

    He had slowly, methodically made it up from the Valley, following Einar's Foot Steps...


    1. Liz yelled at Einar, come here, you ~goof ball~...

      Einar was worried at that, for Liz had never used that particular "pet name" for him, and wondered if he was going to get some Preaching from the Rabbit Stick.

      Upon arrival though, he saw the issue and quickly brought his Spear up, to do in the Pink Ninja.

      ""How many times have I hold you, 'NO Energizer Bunnies', Liz asked him.

      His thinking was intense. So intense, that Liz thought he had again drifted to sleep.

      "Why Liz, I don't ever recall the topic coming up", replied Einar. "your right, it has never come up, but you should ~know~ I don't want modern toys around Snorri"!

      Yes Liz, I see your point, but the truth is, it followed me home".


  2. Philip:

    Thanks for the fill in chapters! It at least gives us something to look forward to every day.


  3. Einar’s sixth sense that had helped, along with a healthy dose of excess caution (it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you) that had kept hem fee this far, was gnawing at the back of his mind. Something emanating from the small pink critter told him it was more than it seemed.

    Einar fixed on the bunny trying to discern the reason for his dread. But he had failed to take into account a fact that he well knew; rabbits, being at the bottom of the food chain, had eyes on the sides of their heads, and 340 degree vision. The bunny detected Einar’s stare and returned it with squinty eyed bunny defiance.

    Was he being sized up for the stew pot, or maybe a nice pink, bunny eared parka hood? He didn’t know if Snorri was a boy’s or girl’s name. Whatever this wild man’s intentions his microprocessor wanted no part of it.

    Einar’s right hand was inching toward his knife. During the faceoff E. Bunny’s drum cadence had slowed and softened drastically. Now he instantly accelerated into a rapid tattoo as he bolted for the tunnel. Einar was right on his heals with knife in hand. But the confines of the tunnel gave the short guy the advantage.

    Thinking it about supper time Muninn approached the tunnel entrance thinking to get inside and get his share. As he awkwardly stepped in he suddenly encountered a pink apparition of some sort rapidly bearing down on him wearing sun glasses and wildly flailing a club in each hand. Muninn, in shock, squawked, extended his wings to the full width of the tunnel, and made a big bird mess on the spot.

    E. Bunny was so startled and frightened by the bird that he stopped long enough for Einar to get hold of the little fugitive’s round furry tail. Where upon E. Bunny turned and began to pummel Einar rapidly about the head and shoulders with his drumsticks. This so alarmed Liz, who was watching from the inside entrance, that she decided to take action. She aimed her rabbit stick right at the middle of E. Bunny’s sunglasses and let fly. The throw was well aimed; however the bunny saw it coming and ducked. The rabbit stick missed the bunny by a fraction of an inch. But it didn’t miss Muninn, who got sucker punched right over backwards into his own bird mess! He was rendered completely incoherent, which was probably a good thing as ravens are very sensitive about their dignity.

    When E. Bunny ducked it gave Einar an opening to go for his ears. He grabbed the ears tight and made for the bunny’s throat with his knife. Where upon E. Bunny dropped his drumsticks and threw up his hands, shouting; “No, please, I have information you need.”


  4. haha, while the cat's away, the mice will play.
    I'm enjoying this unexpected detour to Einar's saga


  5. Mike, thanks for picking up the Ball, so to speak....

    Its been a rough week, and August's are a hard month for me... things of the past week.... only made it ~interesting~


  6. Philip and Mike--with you fellows around, I'm beginning to wonder if I even need to come back! Maybe I can turn right back around and go back up on that mountainside for a few more weeks...

    Thanks to you both for a good laugh--though Mike, now of course we are all wondering just what sort of information a pink furry bunny may possess, which could prove useful to Einar...

    Philip--sorry it's been such a rough week. I understand about ~those~ times of year. Try to get away for a while if you can, go fishing, head up into the woods, whatever you can do. You'll be in my prayers, too.

    Thank you all for keeping things going while I was away!

  7. Chris, I spent a lot of time in my wood shop, made a new cane (lost old one)

    New cane is from 40 Madrone, cut over 40 years ago, can you say hard? I actually used a fairly new Band saw blade, it now needs resharpening!

    Amazingly though, it is very light in weight, the wood was factory planed to 21/32" just a frog's eyelash over 5/8's thick...

    Spent a lot of time in the WORD, as well, that is always good...

    But all in all, I'd like to be 4 years old, and ask for "Do-Over's", for this month!