02 August, 2012

Comments from 1 August

Anonymous said…
The traps can go to blazes Einar! A healthy man can gather ten times the necessaries in a day that a half dead emaciated near corps can. Rest up, heal up, feed up, and then give it hell.

Yeah, but he just can’t see it, a lot of the time.   Thinks as long as he’s able to stand on his own feet and move in a more or less coordinated and useful manner, there’s nothing he physically can’t do.  Just needs to push harder, that’s all…  Maybe someday he’ll learn.

Philip said…
That would be trouble Shooter 1 5,
And the R after philip an error

No problem Trouble Shooter 1 5, I knew who you were.  : )  Sorry to hear about that modem; sounds like it just won’t quit giving you trouble. Good that the phone allows you to read and post, at least!


  1. Chris, the URL I copied took me to yesterday's post. I used http://ixquick.com to search tonights, your known on the web!!!!

    philip, day 2 iPhoning for Einar!

  2. Philip, glad you were able to find it and read!

  3. Got here two days in a row, via iPhone. Just no stopping Trouble Shooter 1 5.

    If only Verizon had sent the correct MODEM, my Neandrathal phalanges would be strking a real key board, not this screen, designed for a metro-sexual male, who gets his nails done while having his chest hairs Hot Waxed! OUCH, that hurts even to gently manipulate the touch sensitive screen.