22 August, 2012

Comments from 21 August

Philip said…
CHRIS !!!!!!!
If this is what you write, after a week or so ~off~, by All Means, take another week ~~!!!!!!!~~
I mean, WoW!!! Intensity time 10 !!!!
besides, ;) weall weant to know what Mike has PLANNED for the E. Bunnies ~knowledge~ ....
But Oh, before you go out again... please just Ten more Chapters just as exciting???? please?
philip who gives this days post a Ten Star rating... 39 stars, if you count the ones Einar is still seeing!

But…if I take another week up in the woods, things will probably just get more intense in the story, when I return!  Probably will be taking off again here before too long actually, but will be around for a week or two to write and post chapters, first.

I, also, want to know what Mike has planned in the Saga of the Energizer Bunny.  :D

Thanks for reading; hope this week is going better for you than the last.


  1. this week, I think I am over the hump, had peaceful, full night sleep... but I have done zero today, other than breakfast, and then a continuation of sleep.

    I did have a good talk with VA employee, who scheduled my annual physical, which I requested yesterday: 18 minutes of which 15 were on hold, and they ~still~ patch ALL local calls, to Roseburg, ~for our convenience~ I made a better Phone System in TayNinh, RVN... 40 years ago... than Roseburg's mess of wires called a telephone system!

    I asked for a ~certain~ dept recently, got a different dept. called Operator, his reply: oh, they ~are in~ the same ~Room~

    Well so is the morgue & custodial care.... in another part of the building.... "Mop & Bucket needed on aisle 3" "This is the morgue speaking, is it alive or NLB"? (no longer breathing)

    heh, Roseburg VAMC if they did my autopsy, I would be afraid they would wake me up!


  2. That is just what I thought Liz should have done months ago. Good for her. LOL