13 July, 2012

Comments from 12 July

Anonymous said…
I have tried to comment several times, but for some reason I have not been able to have it post. Hopefully this time it will work. 
I love the story and the growth and regression of the characters. I think that the tempo is just fine right now. As you said it is winter. They need a time to heal both physically and mentally if possible before any more big excitement occurs. Einar is not going to survive many more big events in the shape that he is in. He can barely make it through the night as it is. Thank you for writing. Your stories are intriguing and keep me coming back. I may not like some of the things that happen, but that is the way that life is too. So it is realistic in that respect.

Sorry you had trouble posting, earlier.  I do have it set up to allow for Anonymous posting, if that’s what people choose to do.  Like you, have also noticed that Blogger interacts very differently with some browsers than with others.  Seems to work best on Chrome, for me.

Yes, hopefully by the time things start melting in the spring, everyone will be ready for the faster pace that is sure to come with the changing season.  Though on the other hand, living as they live, both in regards to their legal situation and the inherent risks of a remote life in the high country, they must always be ready for things to change on a moment’s notice…

They don't like everything that happens, either, but as you said, that's how life goes.

Thanks again for reading.

Philip said…
Chris, As this story has progressed, I, for one have noticed, a need for you to take time off...
Please, take all the time ~you~ need... Great Writing is already hard enough, but this writing, is so emotionally packed for us as well as for the writer... ;-)
We can always refresh the screen.... to find a new Post.
.... What was that???? I think the Pink Bunny has found a New Drum!!!!

Anon Poster above, the software requires a name, usually, that may have been your posting problem....

Yep, I bet if I’m gone for more than a day or two, the Pink Bunny will come back and carry the storyline forward, won’t he?  :D

Thanks for not minding my taking a day (or a week…or month...would you mind if I took off and didn't show up again until next January?) off now and then.  Much appreciated.

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