17 July, 2012

Comments from 16 July

Mike said...
Thanks FOTH:
I have never made nettle cordage. I think I will have a go at it this year. I would think that our west coast stuff would be sufficiently similar to be usable.
Einar needs some stew. Liz has been keeping herself and will in good condition, where a brisk breeze is stimulating. While Einar, on the other hand, is so close to the edge it knocked him flat. Yep a little honey, a lot of fat, and a few shards of sheep is what the ol’ boy needs. Then sleep until he wakes and do it again.

A stew would probably be pretty helpful about now. He’s still a little worn out from his climb….or something.

I don’t know how the nettle you have on the West coast might differ from our Rocky Mountain version, but do know that just about any kind will work for cordage. They all have strong fibers in their stems. I’ll be curious to hear how your experiments turn out!

Philip said... 
Mike, I agree about that ~rest~ thing.... our bodies natural ability is to restore our body during sleep.
That starts, At Birth!!!!
Einar needs to nap more!, Like when I asked my friend John....finding he was A Whole Year older than me, I asked... "So John, how many naps a day does an old man like you take"?
This huge RVN Marine looked at me and said, "just ONE, it starts after Breakfast...." not a bit of a smile cracked his lips.... a real dry humor guy John is....
I admire a man like that.... me, I start laughing before I get to the punchline, I like my Jokes so well....
Well, at least your jokes are funny...nobody ever laughs at mine!  

Rest…?  Einar barely sleeps at night, so he’s not too likely to start doing so in the daytime. Unless he’s going to become nocturnal. He’s done that before. Worked pretty well for him, but I don’t know if Liz would care too much for it…

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