14 July, 2012

Comments from 13 July

Anonymous said…
Chris Wrote:
"...would you mind if I took off and didn't show up again until next January?) off now and then. Much appreciated."
... Well, I for one Stock COPPER TOP batteries, but I can switch to the other brand ;-)
I should head over to your forum.... and find out comments for pitch hit writers, no one commented on the blog...
I gotta start blogging: I just spent 100.00 on just Two tools for my Wood Shop, but they are both ~universal~ use on different machines, both ~accuracy tools~ I love accuracy!
More later....

Yes, accuracy is a good thing…

You really should head over to the forum sometime.  It can get pretty lively over there--though sometimes it’s more lively here.  I do wish there was a way to merge the two so people were only reading in one place and only commenting in one place…but that doesn’t seem too practical, I guess.

Anonymous said…
Man! Bugging my cabin would really bug me! And make me jittery as an ACORN worker at Tea Party rally. I am a fairly confident guy in the woods, but I don’t think I could ever convince myself I had found that last bug. What a way to spend a honeymoon!
It sounds like Einar has Had an epiphany of sorts, this is the first time I have ever known him to back down from a task he had set for himself, even when he knew, intellectually, it would probably kill him. Will seems to be an anchor to reality for Einar.
Boys posture, bluster, and swagger; actual men, take care, of women and children.

Yes, might be the first time Einar ever did back down from such a thing.  The way he sees it, part of his being ready and able to take care of his family has to involve holding himself to certain standards, and the early return to the cabin was a violation of those standards.  Yet, he did it for that little boy.  He still has things to figure out, I guess…

As for Bud, he is indeed pretty irritated at his employers planting things all over his place, and though he knows most of the tricks of the trade when it comes to rendering the area safe again, they are still going to have to be awfully careful what they say and do up there.

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