26 July, 2012

26 July 2012

Anonymous said…
It takes a long time to turn a huge ship around. A huge ship is almost a force of nature, and so is Einar.

Yes, he can be pretty slow at changing, alright…

Philip said…
And Mike, remember, on occasion, Einar tells the ~Light House~ to steer off ~his~ Course of direction... as He ~is~ under way!
Chris, Great Posts last Two Days.... was going to write that "last night" but the modem......
Today, I think I figured out the modems signals, as to ~me NO workee~ unplugged it four times, until it changed its mind!!!

Sounds like an ongoing conversation you’re having with that modem…hope the two of you come to an eventual understanding without your having to resort to a sledge hammer!

About that light house--sometimes it actually moves when he demands passage persistently enough!  Or at least it seems so to him…  Could be wrong about that.

Won't be a chapter tonight, worked very late last night and just didn't get any writing time today--but will be back with one tomorrow.

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