06 May, 2012

Comments from 5 May

Anonymous said…True mirth and laughter is a tonic for the soul. Things are looking better than they have in a long while. Good times. 
I hope Einar continues to work his way out of the abyss. I’m afraid there could be more trouble of the federal kind somewhere down the road and he needs to be on top of his game to handle it.
If I were Einar I think I would plan to slink away from the cabin a good distance during the first big game season that comes along and get a couple shots in with the FN when the noise will not seem out of place; at least to get an idea of where it shoots. I hate the idea of going hunting, let alone into a battle for the life of my family, with a rifle I have never shot; gives me the willies just thinking about it. I’m sure Bud made sure it was reliable and accurate, before he brought it, but everyone is a little different, form counts, you have to zero your own rifle, or at least know where it’s shooting for you. 

Einar would absolutely be more comfortable with that rifle, and with his own current abilities, if he could put a few thousand rounds downrange.  The first big game season where a lot of people will be out and the shots might blend in will not be coming until the following fall, but he can certainly think about getting out then and doing a bit of sighting in, and maybe before, if the circumstances are right.

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