19 May, 2012

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Anonymous said…
Not sure of the time frames involved here, but if I was Einar, and it was doable, I'd be lighting out for the cabin right about now. Reason being, he's studying three people: Two healthy ones and an injured one. Now, one of the two healthies leaves, presumably to go get help. That leaves, if they're rational, the woman with the injured skier. Extremely doubtful she is gonna leave his immediate vicinity, NO MATTER WHAT she might see or even imagine. If 'civilization' is twice as far of a hike as the cabin, E has time to haul ass to the cabin, take over care of Willie, even if he has to let Liz come back to keep an eye out. 
This has so MANY benefits. First and foremost, it gets him moving NOW, and warming up. Second, he'll be using energy to get to where there is more energy to replace what he's using. Third, he can recover a bit while Liz watches. Fourth, soon as he's full of honey and jerky, and stuffs a pocket full for later, he can head back with Will in his parka, and send Liz back to the cabin.
This all doesn't even TOUCH on the fact that the two of them can set up some sort of communications, so he can get word to her without hollering or running back, to head out... if such an exodus is necessary.

It isn’t too much of a walk to the cabin from where Einar is, except that he’s fairly slow right now.  A lot of what you’re saying does make sense, except that he has no way to know for sure how quickly help might be arriving for the injured man.  Though it is quite a walk/ski out of there to civilization, there is the possibility that the man who left may be equipped with a radio, cell phone or other communications device that didn’t work from the basin, but might from a spot nearby.  So, Einar will probably find himself needing to stay where he is, to watch and wait.

Certainly would be good for Liz to know what’s happening, though, so she can be planning accordingly.

Thanks for reading!

(Springtime in the Rocky Mountains...)

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  1. Einar has plenty of time to go tell Liz what is going on, no matter what. even if the person has some type of radio. It will only take him less than what an hour? to get back to the cabin. Even if someone already has left to go help the three skiers, they won't be there in that span of time.

    Einar is going to be very irresponsible towards Liz and Will if he does NOT go and let Liz know what is going on.