21 May, 2012

Comments from 18-20 May

Anonymous said... 
I enjoyed my week end! 
I made four roof vents, from nice #2&Btr DF, and Masonite tops.
I installed them all today... It is supposed to rain tonight, so I needed to finish that roof project. 
I also used up the last of a very nice epoxy 2 four ounce jars about $12.00 it is made by Eclectic Products headquartered here in Eugene Oregon. It is a great all around thick epoxy, for mending, and building up areas. ~small beginnings~ had a small oops from a former owner, which crunched the corner in above the passenger area, it is now, "un-crunched" using Aluminum flashing as the final layer!
Hey, Spring in Colorado photo's were awesome!

Glad you liked the pictures.  Sounds like you’re making good progress on the leak prevention project on Small Beginnings…it will be great to sit in there listening to the rain fall, and not having to wonder when and where the next leak will appear!

Kellie said… 
Einar has plenty of time to go tell Liz what is going on, no matter what. even if the person has some type of radio. It will only take him less than what an hour? to get back to the cabin. Even if someone already has left to go help the three skiers, they won't be there in that span of time.  
Einar is going to be very irresponsible towards Liz and Will if he does NOT go and let Liz know what is going on.

He doesn’t know for sure how long it will take that skier to reach a place where he can summon help, but knows that a rescue response could come pretty quickly by air, and can’t risk being away and having to wonder where people may have gone or what they may have seen.  Ideal would be if he had a way to let Liz know while also doing that, but Muninn hasn’t been trained as a homing raven…maybe they ought to find a way to do that!

Thank you all for reading.

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  1. I don't know... Einar was less than 30 minutes from the cabin if I'm remembering right, even with the snow. Einar knows that even if they got a signal five minutes later, it still would have taken at least an hour for any rescue to mount up and get there. I may be wrong, but never heard of any rescue in the mountains being any quicker. And it would have paid off in the long if they DID have to leave because Liz could be preparing for it now. I simply view this as more brain damage done by Einar starving himself. This is some of what happens to anorexia's, they make poor decisions. Just my humble opinion of course. It attests to your great writing skill because Einar is really beginning to depress me with his self abuse. I find myself yelling at him and at Liz for not being flat out blunt more often. And cheering her when she is. lol.