16 May, 2012

Comments from 15 May

Philip said… 
Chris! this comment, among others in the last two posts, lets me think, Einar has ~turned the page~, as my neighbor calls it... realized a new way of being... is Needed. 
FOTH Wrote:
"Didn’t do it, knowing, in some practical corner of his mind, that he had better be doing everything he could to make sure his hands remained as warm and flexible as possible, ...."
Great reading!

Thanks for reading, Philip.  Yep, Einar seems to be recognizing that there are certain things he needs to do, in order to be there for his family and ready to defend them.

No chapter today, Einar's too busy dealing with the intruders...  


  1. Anonymous16 May, 2012

    It is good he is only armed with the dart thrower & 6 darts, and not a silenced 22.... ;-)


  2. Yes, in this case that may be a good thing for all involved!