18 May, 2012

Comments from 17 May

Philip said…
Some things learned, NO matter how far back in history, come to the surface, in time of Need. 
Einar, his training and his actual work in Rescue. Instantly coming to the surface.
WANTING both his personal safety, meaning his Family, as well as his own....
but the ski pole: calling. what to do. He used those items 99 percent of western man know nothing about. and it works, but first the woman skier looks to ~who is not important. spoke~ ! ...and ~that~ THE Message, is.
She looks at the Ski Pole, and Who sent the message, no longer important. 
FOTH Wrote:
"He’d seen such things work before, had done them, though seldom so deliberately as he was then attempting." ... the key words there .... ~so seldom~ I knew, in the past friends who played with ~that stuff~
Again a great read, from great writing....

No, such skills are not meant for play, or for hire, either, to be used at the behest of others, but must be used carefully.  Einar took a risk in trying to get the attention of those skiers, but believed he could do it without putting his family in too much danger, and therefore must try to save that life, if he could.  Yep, difficult to stand by and watch something like that, when your training is telling you to step in and take care of the situation!

Anonymous said..
Real good chapters FOTH:
I know a guy who can do that, seen it done, even had it done to me once in an emergency, though I had seen it I never really grasped it until it happened to me. My buddy tells me I can do it if I try. Weeell……….maybe. I’ve always been a real hard facts Han Solo kinda guy But I’m not touchin’ it unless I need it!

Mike, I really think all of us have that ability to some extent, and others, as well, it’s just that most never recognize it in themselves.  And, the ability can be deliberately sharpened and developed, if one tries.

Thank you all for reading!

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