24 May, 2012

Comments from 23 May

Kellie said...OH YEAH, have you SEEN my new "rabbit sticks"? I posted pictures on my blog!
You mean these?


Those are quite the rabbit sticks!  Anyone who makes the mistake of crossing you may find themselves missing arms, legs or other crucial parts of the anatomy!

Anonymous said…I hope that Liz will venture forth again with more food and one of the bear hides. It would mean more tracks, but if a front is coming in they might get covered, and regardless, if she has to make tracks to save Einar so be it. I’m really more worried that when rescue comes it will come painting FLIR all over the place! I wonder how much of a risk enough candlepower to provide a little light and warmth to Liz and Will would be. 

Tightly as they’ve got that cabin insulated, a single candle might be safe, but any increase in the air temperature in there (including the presence of the two humans) increases the risk that enough may leak out to give them away, so probably best to hold off on the heat production until the snow really starts falling!

Kellie said…have fun and stay safe! :)

RememberGoliad said…How do you do both at the same time, Kellie? ;)

Yeah, if there’s some secret to that, I guess I haven’t entirely figured it out, yet.  :D

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