26 February, 2013

Comments from 25 February

RF said...
I recall the photos of NAZI death camp survivors.
Even if he does get caught during the very unwise visit to Susan's he would not have made it much longer in the cabin.
His pack must have weighed half or more of his body weight before they made that last cache.

Looks like even Einar is not good enough to survive long term under these conditions.

I don’t think it’s the wilderness Einar is having a hard time surviving.  Liz and the baby are and have been doing well; there’s been plenty of food around.  Einar might well have ended up in similar shape down in civilization.

But no, without some change probably wouldn’t have made it much longer.  And may have a pretty tough time of it now.   

No chapter for tonight, been busy and not at the house much, but will have one for tomorrow.

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