14 February, 2013

Comments from 13 February

Philip said…
And once again, Chris, ... you bring in a completely UN-considered method of demise, Natural Death? The Mountain Refuge is safe, still... giving that Einar listens th his brain, err I mean Liz, and see that she does have validity... in her point...
It is not just every old any sort of day, that a fellow gets pulled out of an avalanche... And somebody give that Raven an extra bite of Jerky, he deserves it !!!!
Feeling a bit better BTW, no whiplash... just stiff sore 62.8 YO body

Glad you’re feeling better Philip, with no permanent harm done. 

Yep, I believe Muninn the Avalanche Rescue Raven does deserve some extra jerky, after that!

Mike said…
Bummer! I was getting to like Juniper a lot. The kind of woman a man could run the river with. At least she died following her passion; that is an uncommon blessing. Rest in peace little girl.
Thanks ffor not letting us hang too long on that one FOTH.

Yes, Juni was really becoming part of the group, here lately.  It is too bad.

RF said…
Einer is not out of the woods yet.
He is stunned and hurting so bad that he meekly walks on down the hill?
Coughing up blood is a rather bad sign.
Makes my knee hurt just thinking about his new limp. That hip did not heal correctly, hope he did not get his hip tweaked too hard. Might end up with a serious plan "B" and they got no shovel.

Sad about Juni. Walking point is dangerous. I am surprised that two seasoned combat vets allowed her to do that in such a dangerous looking area.

You’ve got to switch out leaders from time to time when breaking trail like that through heavy snow.  Einar realized the danger only too late, tried to get to her but by that time the slide had already started.

Yes, you know he’s probably in some pretty serious trouble when he allows himself to be steered one direction or another without a fight!  Hopefully the injuries won’t prove too serious, but if they do, the others won’t need a shovel.  Just find another slide path that hasn’t let go yet, toss him out into it, get to a safe spot and take a couple shots at the top of the slope!  No shovel required…

Thank you all for reading.

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