15 February, 2013

15 February 2013

No chapter for tonight, but I will be back tomorrow with another.

Thank you all for reading.


  1. Great work explaining Point Man, as I recall, everyone pulled it... learn & live, or die...

    Hard world facts... but its summed up in two words:

    "man up" and it fits at every level of combat/life.

    It would have been wrong to NOT allow, Juni to do so.

    My Middle Grand Daughter is big on NON sexist words.

    I keep sharing that a term like "Seaman" is not sexist, just vocabulary. she is wanting everything to be gender neutral, rather than understanding the means of arriving at the word, I get flack for just using the term ~history~ because she swears it means HIS Story, but I hope she understands better some day!

    the Rank of Seaman, is really comes way, back from "Able Bodied Seaman"

    Able to pull one's weight, and that not being in Pounds & ounces, but their part in the job... Juni did that, and she can now rest in Peace.


    1. Wow! Sounds like you are on the verge of a problem. How old is she? Most women who have their head screwed on straight have gotten over that feminist BS. She is getting some bad influence from some place.

      You need to explain to her that ‘man’ is in fact a gender neutral word. It refers to mankind, of which she is a part, but a very special part. She can do anything a man can do. But she can do one thing a man can’t; she can birth children. And so, in honor of that special ability she has, it was decided to add a prefix to show her exalted status, she is more than just a man, she is a wo-man. But she is a ‘man’ none the less.

      “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

      Also tell her that the root of ‘history’ is not ‘his story’ it is histrionics. Which has been the driving force behind most of the world’s significant events. If she does not know what histrionics means, tell her to look it up.

      I don’t know what her other male examples have been but I think I know you are an actual man. That puts you in a tough position. You may be the only actual man your granddaughters know.

      Good Luck


    2. P. S. The wo-man thing is a valid argument, but the history bit is kind of tongue-in-cheek.


  2. Philip, with what she must be getting at home/school to have such an attitude, it's a good thing you're there to act as a counter! Sounds like she's been given the full dose of propaganda, for sure...

    Mike, yes, wo-man, womb-man, a "man" with special abilities and a place of honor in society. Too bad feminism has robbed so many women of a true understanding of their identity, and the glory of being allowed to participate in *creation* in such a special way!

    And yes, Juni had certainly learned to "man up" and do her part, died doing it, and there is honor in such an end.