04 February, 2013

Comments from 2 February

 Mike said… 
More exciting stuff. Thanks FOTH.
Me thinks I smell a revolution coming. It would give Einar something to fight besides his past. I think he needs that. Liz and Will give him something to fight for, but it seems that he also needs something fight against. The idealism of his youth, though battered pummeled and disillusioned, still burns; there is still a fire in his belly for the good and noble fight; he can’t help it. If he does not have a clear, present and worthy opponent with which to engage he turns on his own past; on what he sees as his failure to win through to justice. Intellectually he knows he is being too hard on himself, but he cannot change what he feels viscerally.
 Once Kilgore showed up there were only two logical outcomes for Juni; either she becomes a permanent co-conspirator or she dies. The link to Kilgore will be there no matter where the family relocates. If she becomes a fellow member of the ‘resistance’ it will mitigate that somewhat. Festinating stuff FOTH. Thanks again.


Juni is a real problem now, and this could get pretty complicated.

As for Einar, I think you’re right about a lot of that.  He still has a strong sense of duty to defend the right, free the oppressed and spit in the tyrant’s eye, whenever possible, and yeah, I think he does need that fight.  Need to have something to fight for.

Thanks for your wisdom—and for reading.

Nancy134002 said…

Einar had never trusted even Liz. Why would he start now

I think he trusts her as much as he is able to trust anyone.  As for trusting others…he knows it’s a thing to be done with extreme caution.

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