02 February, 2013

Comments from 1 February

RF said…

They have no choice but to move now, unless they kill Juni.
Einar has bitten off way more than he can chew comfortably. One man alone is one thing but raising a family out there is a much bigger problem.
Take the easy way out? That is not Einar.

Either Juni has to stay the rest of the winter or they all go down to the valley. Einar is in no condition to go on the run again right now, especially with Will. The search will be over and the memorial service for Juni will start soon.

Going to that log where Liz had left the message was a big mistake. Time to take greater and greater risks.

There’s no going back now, is there…?

It’s now looking like none of the options are very good ones.  They’ve already lost the cabin now that Juni has been there, it’s only a matter of how and when they make their break and move on.  It will be very difficult for Einar to decide to go down to the valley, but it’s one of the things he will have to at least consider.

Good to hear from you!  It’s been a while.

Philip said…


I understand ~now~, the Baskins & Robbins is for Einar!!!

Liz ~knows~ he prefers Cold Foods, what is colder than Baskins Robbins Ice Cream???

And even though its not made with Bear Fat, it has a high fat level, good for adding those calories, it is a dairy product, so its "healthy", ~right~?;)

Phil ponders.... or is Liz Preggie, and wants to hang with her gal pals.... At Baskin Robbins!

Does Little Snorrie have a sibling coming along... who is screaming inside Baskin Robbins "Dill Pickle & Peppermint" ice cream (must be a girl sibling) ???

having fun with the new twist, philip is thinking Ice Cream?

Sure, ice cream is healthy!  Sounds pretty good, too.

A for Snorri expecting a sibling right now, it would surprise me.  With Liz being Will’s sole source of food, that probably isn’t too likely to happen, just yet.

Thank you all for reading.

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