08 September, 2012

Comments from 7 September

Apple said…
he he nice cliff hanger lol

At least this one didn’t (directly) involve a real cliff!

Philip said…
Yes, Mr. Hanger has not made such an entrance in many a Post!
"Mr. Hanger to the STAGE": Enter STAGE LEFT!
Nice work, Chris... now, as for ~what~ was there, remember Mike is in charge of E. Bunnies next Appearance!
That is, if he wishes too, & given our ~producer~ is off on a Journey somewhere's

Don’t worry, I’ll leave The Further Adventures of E. Bunny to Mike--and yes, I do have another journey coming up here in not too many days, so the two of you will have your chance, then.   : )

Thanks for reading, and for your comments!

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