23 September, 2012

Comments from 22 September

Cimarron said…
yes, we're still here reading and waiting in breathless anticipation for the next installment.

Well, here goes!  : )

Anonymous said…
I've been reading since the beginning on the tree rat forum. I'll keep reading until you stop writing. ^_^

Glad you’re finding continued value in Einar’s story.  I appreciate that.  Who were you, by the way, over on the other forum?  Just out of curiosity.  (Unless of course the answer is “Anonymous,” in which case I will certainly understand…)

Philip said…
I was thinking An Air Drop Delivery of Nutilla was needed for writer....
But the C-130 already had a delivery schedule Two Months out...
Don't you worry Chris, we are willing to wait...

That’s alright, Philip…the fewer of those things that come rumbling over here in the night, the better!  Really.   Nutella or no Nutella…   : )

Perhaps you could send it by carrier pigeon?

Thanks for your patience!

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