11 September, 2012

Comments from 10 September

RememberGoliad said…
Reckon if it was Juni's presence in the area that gave Einar the heebie-jeebies the night he (almost) took off with Will?
A person doesn't necessarily have to consciously perceive another's presence. I've been in places where I thought I was miles from another biped, and got the willies.... a few minutes later I ran up on another person, neither of us knew the other was there.
Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Or am I just crazy?
Either way, Thanks for your dedication to this story!

Yes, I do indeed know what you’re talking about, and have had it happen many times.  I think we all “know” a lot more than we’re aware of, and can develop these skills, if we’ll just get in the habit of responding to the cues.  Hard to say how this works, whether the brain is putting together little clues that aren’t obvious enough to be recognized by our conscious minds, or what, but I sure have learned over the years never to ignore these sorts of warnings!

Anonymous said…
You’re not crazy. There is something there. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t have much of a handle on it, but it’s real. I know people who do have a fair handle on it, and I have seen it work. I have a friend who swears it saved his life in. I have seen the same guy replay the; “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”; scene from Star Wars with a couple of game wardens. Oh ya, there is something there! 

Anonymous said…
That was supposed to read. "saved his life in Nam.”

Yeah, this setup unfortunately doesn’t have an “edit” feature for comments, which can be a hassle.  I sure do know what you mean though about this “other sense” that allows us to be aware of the presence of danger--or things that might represent danger--before it appears that we ought to be ablto pick up ontheir presence.

Anonymous said… 
Boy are you on a roll! More excitement around the basin than we have seen in months. Thanks for sharing your considerable talent with us! 
I hope that’s an old fashioned film type camera, and even that would be dicey. No way in the world to tell if a digital was bugged without destroying it. Even a knife or a flint & steel or a food bar could be bugged Juni herself could be subcutaneously bugged; chip under the scalp, antenna that looks like a strand of hair? Much danger is facing the family, what is being taken on faith is way above the comfort level.
But my instincts are like Einar’s; her past actions have been straight up and honorable. Past acts are usually an indicator of future behavior. It would be nice if they could somehow turn this into a positive. They have lost the cabin for sure. But Einar is in no shape to make a big move right now. They could let her stay until Liz feeds Einar up and gets him into some sort of shape for the move. Then figure a way to part ways so that Juni does not know where they have gone.

Yes, the camera will be hard to prove safe, and almost certainly won’t be allowed to come with them.  And yes, any of the other items, or even Juni herself, could be bugged or tracked and a major threat to them.  It’s a very bad situation, and they have a lot of decisions to make, and in a hurry.

I’m leaving today and will be gone until the weekend, so no more chapters until then.

Thank you all for reading, and for the discussion!

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