20 September, 2012

20 September 2012

Not going to be able to post a chapter tonight, but I will have one for tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading!


  1. Chris, what a quandary! Can't just leave little Miss primitive by herself, and shooting her is out of the question...

    How about hiring her as a Nanni?

    She could watch little Snorri, after he is weaned, and Liz & Einar can do longer ranging trap lines?

    No... that would agitate Einar's mind.... Does Colorado's Game laws allow ~Bating~ BEARS?

    No, that isn't nice either....

    OK, they gotta move, so how about a slave, to carry more of their supplies?

    What to do, What to do, No wonder you took a day off!


  2. Hmm...I think Einar would be happiest of all if she'd never shown up in the first place, but now they definitely do have a difficult decision to make.

    Baiting bears? Who cares about the law? Folks have to eat! :D Guess Juni had better behave herself.