06 April, 2012

Comments from 5 April

Philip said...

Bud.... What was he thinking????

Enters another mans HOUSE, and does not use sound judgement when he starts to go to the latrine??? ;-)

I have a Porta Potty, currently.... when I enter it, I tell the spiders "I'm coming in" :-) !

Good thing Einar has such quick reflexes, right? (very large wink there)

Great read!

philip, settled down in the swamp..... and Hail from last night....

Will some one PLEASE talk to Al Gore???? If I get anymore "global Warming" I'll be as cold as Sue up in Alaska!!!!!!!


Philip, I still wish I could send you some of the “global warming” we’re having here (not that I believe it’s anything other than a low point in the normal cycle of things, really) because we’ve had near record high temperatures for weeks now, no moisture at all and snow pack levels in the high country are at their lowest since 1977! Maybe you’ll get some of this weather, soon.

Yep, Bud ought to be very, very careful entering another man’s house and making himself at home. Especially when it comes to someone with Einar's quick reflexes (yeah, they could probably be a bit quicker right now, but that's just because he's half frozen, it tends to slow a person down, some...) That can be pretty dangerous business!

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