28 April, 2012

28 April 2012

I took a night and a day off from writing after that last chapter, so don't have one for tonight but will again tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading!

Philip said... 
Chris, a few verses recently have left me realizing, that either I have forgotten that ranks of Bud & Einar, or that potentially you had not posted them...
What was I writing about? ;)
Oh, yeah! this one was a clue to above:
"...even if his methods tended to be anything but pleasant, at the moment. But not this time"
I wrote down the other, but can not remember what I named it!
But it seems Einar is under Bud, command wise, as some Vets never forget CO's and other ranking members....
Could you remind this old vet if he forgot this or....
What was I writing?????
today's was great BTW, reading his debriefing, and recalling What he Did NOT say!

Philip, I don’t think I ever did post ranks because today they’re just Bud and Einar, two wanderers in this world whose paths happened to cross once more…but you guessed right.  Bud was never Einar’s CO over there, but was indeed senior in rank.  Since you asked…

1SG Rufus G. “Bud” Kilgore

SSG Einar Asmundson (11F3S)


  1. Sometimes one just has to take the time to regroup and gather ones emotions.

    God go with you