12 April, 2012

Comments from 10-11 April

Apple said..


It is a testament to your skills as a writer that there are times Einar gets me so riled up I want slap him HARD.

For a man who is supposed to be life smart and a survivor there are times when he seems totally stupid and almost suicidal...

I’m glad the writing is effective, but sorry it’s frustrating… You could try slapping him, but I don’t know if it would do too much good, as even the rabbit stick mostly just bounces off his hard skull.

Anonymous said...
Canning a goat, huh? Where did you find a Mason jar big enough to do that? Or are you gonna cut it up?

Well as it wasn’t a particularly small goat, and I don’t have a pot large enough to allow for canning things in 50 gallon drums…we had to settle for chopping it up. Got a good number of quarts of stew meat out of it, as well as a big batch of sausage, and the folks who had owned the goat (had to get rid of her because she was too aggressive towards the others and was disrupting their small herd) learned how to can meat, out of the bargain. It was a good day.

A few quarts, ready to go into the canner:

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