21 April, 2012

Comments from 20 April

Anonymous said… 
Can anyone tell me why Einar won’t eat? I thought I at least kind of understood at one point. But now he seems to understand intellectually that his self imposed privations are way past the point of making him tougher and are in fact making him weak beyond the point of usefulness and threatening to kill him. He is enamored of his new main battle rifle but can barely hold it steady even for a moment. Even an occasional hunter knows that the better shape you are in the better you can shoot under physical stress, for Einar physical stress is walking a few steps! He knows intellectually that he has to get more nutrition in order to build the muscles he is trying to exercise so he can handle the rifle better. It seems he is able to put two and two together, but then something in his psyche makes it come out three? 
BTW: That 7.63 NATO is going to make a lot of noise. In Einar’s situation it is almost a last stand only option. Maybe good for holding until Liz can get little Will and herself out of harm’s way. The little .22 is much more useful.

Yes, that FN (7.62 x 51, or .308 Win) is going to be loud and would indeed be a weapon of last resort, perhaps even saved until after his taking out several of the attackers with his atlatl, bow, etc--but that doesn’t make him any less glad to have it!

As to your first question, no, I can’t tell you and doubt Einar could really do so himself, to a satisfactory degree.  I doubt he really knows, anymore.

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  1. It really wouldn’t make me any less happy to have it either. Living every day with the prospect of being discovered, and having to fight a battle where you might be lucky to save your wife and child let alone yourself. If you go you may as well go down swinging with the biggest club you can get.
    It would be real nice to have a real long barreled suppressed .22RF with at least a brick of subsonic loads. A woodsman like Einar could take out a company before they knew what hit them.