09 February, 2012

Comments from 8 February

Russell H Whyte said…

methinks Einar just took that first step towards finally putting some old ghosts to rest. Still a hard journey ahead for him, but that initial hurdle has been overcome. And with a son, he has something new to live for.

Not that they're out of the woods yet, no pun intended.


No, they don’t want to be “out of the woods!” That would be a problem, in this case. Yes, Einar’s son and his duty to that child has got to be a pretty bit motivation for him to get things in order.

practicalman45 said…

Yes, this heavy. A glimpse deep into Einar's soul. And him, finally after all these years of torment, facing it fully now in front of the others. This IS good. Einar may have the chance he needs now to take the path towards his own healing.
We can only hope.....

Thanks for keeping us supplied with all the new chapters, Chris. Wouldn't miss a word of them!


Thanks for reading, Kevin. Einar thinking, hearing and/or talking about any of these things in the presence of other people is probably one of the most difficult things he could do. He’s not convinced it’s a good thing, but I suppose it probably is, in the end.

Nancy1340 said…


Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said…

Hopefully, the "hollowness" Einar feels inside, is hunger - for food. Setting something to rest can have that result, on occasion.

Thanks for the chapter FOTH, keep 'em coming. :)


I’m sure he is hungry, if he’d allow himself to feel it and do something about it.

Thank you all for reading.

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